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Open Summer 2022

Opening Date will be announced.

Book Online for Trail Rides

  • Children must be at least 8 years old and 50″ tall to ride on the trail ride.  (we will measure if they appear small)
  • Weight Limit is 250 lbs.  
  • Mornings are the busiest times.  Please book early.  Limited walk-ins accepted during these times.   If you need to add additional riders, we can do that at the stables as long as we have availability.
  • No Backpacks, cross body bags or food/drinks allowed.
  • No Cellphone use while riding!  (we will take your pictures at the end of the ride)

Please Note

We do our best to get your ride out on time. Reservations are scheduled every 30 minutes.  There will be several groups scheduled at the same time frame and we do our best to get them all out as close as possible to your time.  Horses and Riders must be matched, and we may need to choose another group according the the horse availability.  We do not intentionally skip over your group.  

No reservations for Pony Rides (walk-ins only)

Any age for the hand led pony or horse rides here at stables.