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Trail Rides


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You’ll be riding on beautiful, wide trails at a leisurely pace, through the ancient forests of the Adirondack Mountains.  From the top, there is a spectacular view overlooking Lake George.  What a wonderful experience to ride a horse with this view!

Experienced trail guides will accompany you on the ride. While riding on the trails, you may see a deer or two and other wildlife along the way. A few old landmarks dating back hundreds of years can be seen as you pass by. There is nothing as beautiful as riding a horse under the majestic hemlocks and pines where it can be quite cool in the forest, so you don’t need sunglasses and may need a light jacket on cooler days.

Our trails are wide with plenty of room to ride. No narrow trails here. We regularly maintain our trails and keep them in the best conditions. The trail goes at a peaceful pace to ensure your safety.

Horses are chosen to match the rider to the horse according to your ability and size. Sometimes you may request a horse if you have ridden that horse before if he is available. However, please let us make a professional decision as to what horse is given to a rider.
The trail ride takes approximately an hour. We accept reservations and walk-ins.

If you have a large group, please give us a call if you want to reserve your time for riding or if you don’t see a time you need.

We can accommodate large groups.

Riding Requirements for the Scenic Trail Ride

Please follow instructions, listen to your guide, and keep a 6ft distance between horses.  

  • AGE:  Must be at least 8 years and 50 inches tall. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • WEIGHT LIMIT:  Maximum weight limit is 250 lbs 
  • SIGN WAIVER:  A Waiver Form must be signed by a parent or guardian for those under 18 years of age.
  • HELMETS:  Helmets are provided and required for those under 18 years of age for the Trail Ride.
  • CELL PHONES:  Cell phones use is prohibited during rides. They are a distraction to both horse and rider and may lead to an accident. Cell phones should be turned off or on silent and placed in a secure pocket. Dropped phones are a hazard to the riders and ride and also can become damaged.
  • CLOTHING: Long pants are recommended, but not required. Closed-toe shoes should be worn, not sandals or flip-flops.  Do not tie your jacket around your waist.  Either wear it or leave it at the desk.  Hats must be securely tied, so they do not blow off and spook your horse or other horses behind you.  
  • CARRY-ON ITEMS:  No backpacks, cross-body bags, or strings around your neck are allowed and are a danger while riding a horse.  If you have a medical device, the guide will carry it for you in a saddle bag
  • DISABILITIES:  If anyone in your group has any physical or mental disability, they may not be able to go on the trail ride. This is not a controlled ride that you would find in a therapy program designated for therapeutic riding. Don’t ask to send someone out on the trail that is not capable of controlling their horse, paying attention, and being alert the entire time while riding a horse. It is extremely important the Office Staff is notified before you sign up to ride the trail.  This is an active sport that requires alertness, paying attention, and the ability to balance properly.  For your safety and the safety of others, a hand-led horse ride might be more suitable and we’d gladly give you a ride on one of our horses.